The Organizer

With the consent and authorization from the Executive Committees of 5 Associations: Viforest, HAWA, BIFA, DOWA, and FPA Binh Dinh. The 5 Chairmen, on behalf of their Association, together establish a trade fair organizer company called VIFOREST FAIR, in order to unite resources from all associations, capitalize the supports from international organizations and governments, and achieve sustainable growth and development objectives of Vietnam wood industry.

VIFOREST FAIR is honored to receive strong endorsement and support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and has a close large relationships with domestic and FDI wooding enterprises.

Understand clearly the outstanding potential development of the Vietnam market in the future and the unlimited and marvelous development of enterprises in the wooding industry. The Forest Fair desires to establish a focal point to organize professional and large-scale wood industry exhibitions. The series of VIFOREST FAIR events promises to become an unlimited business connection place, gathering professionals and potential businesses in Vietnam and internationally, opening up many great business opportunities for enterprises.

Trung tâm Hội chợ và Triển lãm Sài Gòn (SECC)