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My very first visit to the HawaExpo show, and it does not disappoint. I notice a lot of factories that make extremely wonderful things, as well as a lot of people from other countries.

Mr. Alex Sagorda / Visitor
I noticed that in this show, it’s many local Vietnam factories. I see the future, the potential, because this is your strong area. You can all source and produce all in Vietnam. That’s your strengths.
Mrs. Jean Lin / Director of Product Development of Alltrade Tolls Company

Incredible sourcing opportunities are available to us here. Everything I was hoping to find at the fair is here, and then more.

Mr. Darryl / Buyer from India

It was very nice when we were picked up at the airport by HawaExpo team. This is the first time we are warmly welcomed when attending the exhibition in Vietnam

Mr. Sameer Gupte / CEO of Tanvi International LLC

HawaExpo is so much energy, I’m so excited to walk each of the booths and to meet the team, but also to meet each of the individual manufacturers. So my overall impression of HawaExpo so far has been excellent.

Mrs. Lily Chan / Owner ANDMAKERS – USA

Both the furniture and the suppliers are of extremely high quality here. We have high hopes that we can increase the output of our provider.

Visitor from France

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