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Hoa Hiep Food Processing Co


HALL B - BO49,BO51

Key export markets: USA, Vietnam

Key Products: anchovy fish sauce/Nước mắm,soy sauce/ Nước tương,seed sauce/ Tương hột,pickled soya bean sauce/ Tương đen, chili sauce/ Tương ớt,ketchup/ Tương cà, shrimp satay/Sa tế,colored water/ Nước màu,vegetarian fish sauce/ Nước mắm chay, oyster sauce/Dầu hào,chili garlic soy sauce/ Nước tương tỏi ớt

Main material: Thực phẩm & Đồ uống/ Food & Beverages

Certificates: ISO, HACCP, FDA

Hoa Hiep is a long-standing traditional fish sauce company with many years of construction and development. The products are made from carefully selected ingredients, ensuring the unique flavor of the product. With safe production criteria, the production process is controlled according to ISO22000 standards and a closed automatic deep extraction system protects environmentally friendly products with clear and transparent origins.

Company Information:

Address: Số 47, Trần Phú, phường 4, thành phố Vĩnh Long, tỉnh Vĩnh Long, Việt Nam.

Factory address: Ấp Thủy Thuận, xã An phước, huyện Mang Thít, tỉnh Vĩnh Long

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +84896651919